Saturday, July 21, 2012

Stampin Up Convention 2012

Hello Everyone,

I made it to convention in Salt Lake City, Utah, on Wednesday and I am exhausted. This years slogan for convention is "I Am".  Can you finish the sentence for yourself, "I Am?"

Mine would be, "I am ABLE".  I am able to be here on this earth through the graciousness of God. I am able to Love what I do and Share what I Love.

I am at convention with two amazing and talented women, Robyn and Kris. Robyn is my upline and Kris is in Robyn's downline along with me.  Robyn has earned a trip to Fiji, all expenses paid and Kris is new to Stampin Up and she is just happy winning a Free stamp set and paper peircing templates.  Here are a few pictures of our experience.

Robyn has earned all expense paid trip to Fiji

Kris winning Free Product.
I have also won Free product, I have had one of my cards displayed on Stampin Ups Inspirational Boards, I have met and swapped cards with talented women.  I have gone to awesome breakout classes, with some of the most experienced, creative, and savvy staff presenters such as:
Bonnie Thurber, who taught me how to "Doing Business My Way", or Emily Montoya who taught how "Reaching Out" to our Gen Y groups.  Then there was Pam Morgan showing us, how we can "Make Money" while loving what we already love to do, and then Donna Griffith & Shannon West teaching us all those "Savvy" techniques and awesome projects.

Here are a few more pictures of what has been happening this week at Stampin Up's Convention.

Me Winning Free Product
My card is the double cherry card.

My Creative Inspiration - Shannon West

Two of Shannon's Projects

Thousands of woman are here in SLC.

With this last picture I say good night.  This is a view from my hotel room.  All I can say is God is Great! 

Good night and thanks for looking. 

Donna Marcil

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