Thursday, July 26, 2012

Stampin Up! 2012 Convention - Friends

Here are a few pics from our last night out with friends.  We went to the super delicious restaurant called the Rodizio Grill. 

Rodizio grill dinner

From left to right - Susie, LeeAnn, Robyn/my Upline, Kari, Carey, Kris/my Sideline, Me, Marguerite, Linda, and Hanna. This is definetly one of my favorite things about Convention - getting together with friends! 

This restaurant is a Brazilian Steakhouse and they bring grilled food out to your tables on large roasting skewers.  They slice it fresh and you can eat as much as you want or as little, but we ate much, much, more than we needed.  It was sooooo good. We had sirloin steak, marinated and spicy chicken, swordfish, pork loin, wild boar!, yes, I said wild boar and it was delicious.  We tried tri-tip steak, ham and lots more too.  Plus they have a fabulous salad bar, soups and breads to round off your meal. If you ever get to SLC, you have to try this place.
Here is my upline, Robyn, getting on the shuttle that took us to the restuarant and back to our hotels.
Rodizio Grill Robyn

Thanks so much for checking back with me for all the updates on convention.  If you have questions, please let me know.
Donna Marcil

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